Domain News: Two Word Domains Are In Demand



Two Word Startup Domain Names


Two Word Domain Names Are Super Hot

Domain Name News: Two Word Domain Names are descriptive and specific! Yes it’s true, although there is a high price put on single word generic Domains it is the two word names that really get the job done! When a New Startup begins they need to brand themselves and their service / product as best as possible. This where the two word domains are at their best. They offer category and description all in one easy to remember website address, perfect! Sometimes you can even incorporate the extension into the name, example would be VirtualGame.Tv (Tv’s should be able to interact with the world of Virtual Reality a little further down the road) So if you create memorable website either now or later you are on the way to achieving success. A good name is always memorable and generic based and in a will known extension. Continue reading “Domain News: Two Word Domains Are In Demand”

Vr Game Application Domain Names

Virtual Reality Game App Domain Names

Virtual Reality Game Apps

The name of the game is to secure the best self branding Vr Domain Name for your Vr Game Startup!

With the emergence of Virtual Reality comes the association of Vr Apps as a platform for viewing and experiencing all things Virtual. The use of Apps is a great way to enter the Virtual World of Games, Movies and Experiences as well as other Vr based genres. But how will people find your new App if they do a Google search? One way to solve this problem is to develop a Vr Website with links to your Virtual Services. All New tech Start Ups will benefit from being pro-active in their marketing of goods and services. A Virtual Reality based sales website is a great way to enhance all marketing attempts! The introduction of a well branded website only adds authority to the brands credibility, and to be seen as a leader in their chosen field. The best brands use keyword association for better marketing and consumer awareness. Continue reading “Vr Game Application Domain Names”