Fake News Adds Real Value To Fake Domain Names

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The Fake News Has Arrived

There can be no denying the The Fake News has contributed to an upsurge in “fake domain names” In fact it seems that it is almost better to have a “Fake Domain” instead of the real thing. I think it may be due to the fact that if you know something is fake it is probably going to be a bit of fun and gives us a chance to have a laugh in our serious world! The benefit of having a domain name that includes the term “fake” is that you are not being deceitful and trying to trick anyone. This adds a fun value to any project and can actually be beneficial by way of allowing users to experience a scenario where the user experience is designed to offer a fake/pretend venue. One example would be FakeStockMarket.Com as a training venue for people wishing to “practice” their Stock Trading skills.

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