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NNLL Domains The Next Big Thing?

Short Domains Are Always Popular. The world of domain name is always looking for the next big thing, however there are some standards that remain strong and in demand. One of those is short domain names! Possibly because they are easy to remember and quick to type on a keyboard. For years three character domain had been considered “liquid” which means always easy to sell and in demand. Many are used for projects and in certain cultures such as China can have added meanings via their number and letter combinations. Amazingly the four character market has not really taken off when compared the three character domain name market? Some folk in the domaining community consider this occurrence to be an oversight and that the time that four character names to shoot up in value is not all that far away.

The Best Four Character Combinations

Of all the possible combination such as LLNN (letter letter number number) or NNLL (number number letter letter) plus NLLN and LNNL the first example is seen to be the best and the most popular. This can be searched for and confirmed on the domain name data website called which will disclose that there have been 418 LLNN sales and 254 NNLL sales and only 27 NLLN and 19 LNNL sales. So we can conclude that the best investment option is the LLNN when considering a purchase in the four character domain category. Also if you then add some meaning such as using well known abbreviations like Mr or Dr or even city and country initials you have a short memorable domain. The LLNN name market still offers some very good value for money and it is a good time to get involved. As mentioned if you can add meaning to the letters the domains value increases. Consider that domain name with Cn represents China and then consider how many Chinese folk there are. Now you start to get the idea of how LLNN domains are a good starter investment category. We are able to offer some examples of this niche on the other domains page on this website

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