Mixed Reality Domain Name Branding

Mixed Reality Domain Names

Mixed Reality Crosses Over Realms

Using a brandable term helps create the best identity for a new Startup Company seeking to establish a presence in the world of Mixed Reality!

Whilst we are well aware of the virtues of Vr and Virtual Reality there is another Dimension soon to emerge as a popular Future Tech evolving into a common phrase. The term we are referring to is titled Mixed Reality or possibly M.R as a shortener. The combination of both real life and the adding of a Virtual Dimension can be one of the best ways to describe this exciting new technology. Mixed Reality offers the viewer the opportunity to observe extra features and information when studying their immediate surrounds. Mixed Reality seems well suited to the world of gaming and education, it is quite possible that in the near future we will be wearing Mixed Reality Glasses suitable for many and varied game applications. One way to consider how M.R works is to think of applications that will enhance the viewer’s current surrounds. M.R is not just a layer added onto an existing dimension. It can create and appear from behind items on view to interact with defined spaces. Continue reading “Mixed Reality Domain Name Branding”