Emoji Domain Name Branding

Emoji Startup Domain Names

The World Of Emoji

Who would have guessed how much these icons have become so entrenched into the world of mobile communications.

Yes it’s true! Emojis are set to become even more entwined in our world. In our fast paced world the rise of the Emoji seems inevitable, they are short, visual and do a great job of conveying our emotions. Now think about the rise of games and apps and you have the perfect storm! The Emoji will soon replace text in some situations. You only have to look at Facebook and the addition of the Emoji as an extra option when you are doing the social network stuff. Emojis add an extra dimension to all forms of communication and human interaction. The use of the Emoji will continue to grow and with that comes business opportunities. Already there are aftermarket apps that allow you to design and create different EmojisContinue reading “Emoji Domain Name Branding”

Smart Voice Control Domain Brands

Smart Voice Domain Names

The Smart World of Voice Control

If we can streamline the many and varied processes in our daily lives we are on the way to true satifaction and independence. Future Tech Startups will be aware of this and gain the advantage now!

Theere is no doubting the one thing our modern world desires the most is simplicity. We are often time poor and under pressure, if we are all able to streamline systems and procedures there are significant benefits to be gained. The use of Voice Technology will be one of the greatest advancements we can achieve! Many voice-activated systems already exist at this point of time but the industry is set to grow even further. This is a true leap forwards for us busy humans, if we can save time on the things that drag us away from the more important aspects of our lives, we can only live happier! The reference to “smart” is now common terminology in the device and technology sectors. We have Smartphones, SmartWatches and other gadgets that serve to save us time and to help with the many various situations we deal with on a daily basis. The use of Apps only enhances our smart device’s abilities. Continue reading “Smart Voice Control Domain Brands”

Augmented Reality Business Domains

Augmented Reality Domain Names

Augmented Reality Domains

The term Ar will undoubtedly become the shortner for the term known as Augmented Reality. Use this as part of your new startup company’s strategy!

The Virtual World has more than one dimension, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality. When you think of Augment Reality you need to consider as an added layer added onto an existing dimension. One way to explain it is that lust like The Terminator Movie a layer of information or images can be viewed over what is already on view. Trackers and Markers act as “anchor” for the Augmented Reality to appear. Gps will also act as a tracker/marker for the Augmented World. Another handy label for Augmented reality is simply A.R which indicates the brand is using and offering this Future New Technology. Perhaps the easiest way to think about what Augmented means is just consider that A.R adds a layer. Continue reading “Augmented Reality Business Domains”

Mixed Reality Domain Name Branding

Mixed Reality Domain Names

Mixed Reality Crosses Over Realms

Using a brandable term helps create the best identity for a new Startup Company seeking to establish a presence in the world of Mixed Reality!

Whilst we are well aware of the virtues of Vr and Virtual Reality there is another Dimension soon to emerge as a popular Future Tech evolving into a common phrase. The term we are referring to is titled Mixed Reality or possibly M.R as a shortener. The combination of both real life and the adding of a Virtual Dimension can be one of the best ways to describe this exciting new technology. Mixed Reality offers the viewer the opportunity to observe extra features and information when studying their immediate surrounds. Mixed Reality seems well suited to the world of gaming and education, it is quite possible that in the near future we will be wearing Mixed Reality Glasses suitable for many and varied game applications. One way to consider how M.R works is to think of applications that will enhance the viewer’s current surrounds. M.R is not just a layer added onto an existing dimension. It can create and appear from behind items on view to interact with defined spaces. Continue reading “Mixed Reality Domain Name Branding”

Future Tech Domains for New Tech Start Ups

Future Tech Domains

Future Tech Domain Names

The term “Future Tech” is fast becoming what we use today, the smart Future Tech Startup Companies will realise the time to acquire the best New Tech Domain Name is now!

The world is constantly changing and as new technology arrives it is crucial to secure the upmost in branding. Future Tech Domains soon become the standard teach and before not too long the best New Tech Start Up Brands are taken. The best brands for Start Ups and other entities will contain keywords relating to the product or service! Here at Dnvre.Com we are able to offer some of the best Future Tech Domain Names available. There are many Start Ups seeking to align themselves with brand association and the best extension of .Com. Continue reading “Future Tech Domains for New Tech Start Ups”