Fake News Adds Real Value To Fake Domain Names

fake news Startup Domain Names

The Fake News Has Arrived

There can be no denying the The Fake News has contributed to an upsurge in “fake domain names” In fact it seems that it is almost better to have a “Fake Domain” instead of the real thing. I think it may be due to the fact that if you know something is fake it is probably going to be a bit of fun and gives us a chance to have a laugh in our serious world! The benefit of having a domain name that includes the term “fake” is that you are not being deceitful and trying to trick anyone. This adds a fun value to any project and can actually be beneficial by way of allowing users to experience a scenario where the user experience is designed to offer a fake/pretend venue. One example would be FakeStockMarket.Com as a training venue for people wishing to “practice” their Stock Trading skills.

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Domain News: Two Word Domains Are In Demand



Two Word Startup Domain Names


Two Word Domain Names Are Super Hot

Domain Name News: Two Word Domain Names are descriptive and specific! Yes it’s true, although there is a high price put on single word generic Domains it is the two word names that really get the job done! When a New Startup begins they need to brand themselves and their service / product as best as possible. This where the two word domains are at their best. They offer category and description all in one easy to remember website address, perfect! Sometimes you can even incorporate the extension into the name, example would be VirtualGame.Tv (Tv’s should be able to interact with the world of Virtual Reality a little further down the road) So if you create memorable website either now or later you are on the way to achieving success. A good name is always memorable and generic based and in a will known extension. Continue reading “Domain News: Two Word Domains Are In Demand”

Number and Letter Domain Names

 Startup Domain Name Investing

NNLL Domains The Next Big Thing?

Short Domains Are Always Popular. The world of domain name is always looking for the next big thing, however there are some standards that remain strong and in demand. One of those is short domain names! Possibly because they are easy to remember and quick to type on a keyboard. For years three character domain had been considered “liquid” which means always easy to sell and in demand. Many are used for projects and in certain cultures such as China can have added meanings via their number and letter combinations. Amazingly the four character market has not really taken off when compared the three character domain name market? Some folk in the domaining community consider this occurrence to be an oversight and that the time that four character names to shoot up in value is not all that far away. Continue reading “Number and Letter Domain Names”

The Game Domain Names Sale

Game Startup Domain Names

Get In The Game Domain Names

Domains for Startups can help new ventures. One thing the Internet consists of is avid gamers who crave new and exciting online game adventures! Some of the biggest Domain Name sales have been for Game Domains. Game developers are always striving to create the next big game craze! The more intense the better is the motto for most gamers. Some games are a little more simple in their approach and cater for the younger game players who like the online gaming experience in its simplest form. Simple games such as “Dress Ups” and “Cooking Games” are favorites with this young niche. The thing is it really does not matter about the level of sophistication, it is really more about the opportunity to participate and perhaps challenge a friend to beat the high score! Racing Games, Shooting Games and Educational Games all seek to stimulate our minds and competitive spirt!  Continue reading “The Game Domain Names Sale”

Virtual Reality Tour Las Vegas Domain

Vr Tour Startup Domain Names

Virtual Reality Vegas Tour

You do not need to ask many people what Las Vegas is? After all is it one of the most popular places to visit on Earth is Las Vegas! So when the world of Vr adds another dimension you can be sure that Virtual Vegas is on the minds of many would be travelers and tourists. Of course there is no substitute for actually being there but a Vr Tour in Vegas sure does seem like a good option for those who either cannot afford the outing or perhaps do not have the time? One thing is fore sure and that is Vr Tours are destined to become a part of our travel experiences in the near future! A Virtual Reality Travel Experience offers the options of exploring your chosen destination before you commit to airfares, hotels and tours. It really is a perfect solution when it comes “testing the waters” The Virtual Reality Tour industry will soon be available on everyone’s smartphone or computer. The accessibility is already here and trust me when I say there are already many companies aware of this. Continue reading “Virtual Reality Tour Las Vegas Domain”