Augmented Reality Business Domains

Augmented Reality Domain Names

Augmented Reality Domains

The term Ar will undoubtedly become the shortner for the term known as Augmented Reality. Use this as part of your new startup company’s strategy!

The Virtual World has more than one dimension, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality. When you think of Augment Reality you need to consider as an added layer added onto an existing dimension. One way to explain it is that lust like The Terminator Movie a layer of information or images can be viewed over what is already on view. Trackers and Markers act as “anchor” for the Augmented Reality to appear. Gps will also act as a tracker/marker for the Augmented World. Another handy label for Augmented reality is simply A.R which indicates the brand is using and offering this Future New Technology. Perhaps the easiest way to think about what Augmented means is just consider that A.R adds a layer.

 A.R Domains Add Better Branding

When a New Tech Start Up begin their venture there is a need to be easily identified as a brand representing their services and consumer goods. By using a Augmented Branding Domain Name they can achieve instant recognition and brand identity! With the help a brand specific Domain a purpose and identity are easily achieved. A.R technology is destined to become a part of our lives. One example of this is the example of The Pokemon Game, which Augmented based technology. Within days of the games release the critical mass were playing it. Most were probably unaware this was an Augmented Reality Application. After the Pokemon hype dies down a little people will now ponder the other varied uses for A.R One example could be to be able to view “special offer coupons” Only offered in the Augmented Reality Technology. Signage, Information and Education will all be using A.R in the near future.

 Augmented Reality Names

 We are please to be able to offer the following self branding A.R domains. AugTour.Com is the perfect Domain Name for an Information Tour Company. AugToy.Com is another Future Tech based domain that will embrace the future toys of this world. Another Augmented Reality Domain is Teachar.Org which is well suited to the .Org website extension. The world is now very mobile and we feel the domain of ArMobile.Com is a very good brand for the New Future Tech Start Up

By Keiichi Matsuda

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